A full featured compact development board MINI2440

The MINI2440 is an effecient ARM9 development board with a comprehensive price, it characterizes simple method and high performance-price ratio. Based on the Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor, it embodies professional stable CPU core power source chip and reset chip to ensure the stability of the system operation.

Make a geeky USB fan - submitted by anonymous

A interesting link on engadget submitted by anonymous. Thanks.


Hope to see more activity here. Neither of the geekdiy originals have any time on their hand. Submitted links and submitted content is the best way to share your findings.

Please do more.


Primehacks - submitted by Neil Sabharwal

Neil Sabarwal has submitted this link to a geekdiy-like site. A difference is that it looks more current.


Enjoy. Keep sending us links (or better yet, create content).

Invitation to post

Our primary contributors, geekdiy, cottonbuds and gadgeteer have become rather busy. We invite contributions from our readers.

Dig into your favorites for a diy project or a site with information for diyers. Submit that link to us and we will investigate or just write up some content.

Your reward, other will follow suit and you will not just enlighten someone but will also learn from someone.


How to fold a T-Shirt (japanese way)

It's been a long time since I have seen this thing on a mpg stream. Apparently someone has too much time on his hand and converted it to Flash a movie.
This "how to" can make you realise that your mummy was wrong after all, and she has showing us a wrong way of folding our T-Shirt.

Cleaning Pennies with taco sauce

I have always wanted to find a cost effective way to polish my pennies, but without the need to buy expensive chemicals and other marketed polishing products.
While searching online I found out that this could be done by using off the kitchen shelf products such as Taco Sauce, Tabasco™, or vinegar and salt you can successfully have a well polished penny (Woohoo!!).
To share my findings for those who are interested here's the link.

GeekDIY - New Look

We (mostly Gadgeteer working out the many kinks) finally got the new look up and running. There are still some minor CSS issues we're looking at, so if it doesn't look quite right on your browser let us know via the feedback form in the right column. Please indicate your browser, o/s and versions for both.

Thanks to everyone that helped us test the design!

GeekDIY's New Look

We're changing our look. You can preview our new site here. Please send us some feedback, let us know what you like/don't like, and if you find any errors. Note that the posts aren't completely up-to-date.

Turn Your XBox into a Media Center

Quente Cafe points us to a very interesting piece of open source software (GPL). XBMC turns your XBox into a media player allowing you to play/view most digital media formats (MPEG, VOB, AVI, Divx, Ogg, MP3, JPG, Gif, etc). A very cool feature is the ability to stream media via a network from a PC.

Universal IR remote control using iPod

Engadget has an interesting project, on how can you turn your iPods into a universal remote control. Which can be used to control all your home electronic equipment, or just about anything that uses a remote control, for example in our place we have our iPod controlling our TV, DVD Player, Direct TV, Ultimate TV PVR, Media Center PC, Xbox, XM Satellite Radio, Roomba and a few other random things like a Robot.

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